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Unique Wedding Venue Ireland

Having a unique wedding venue for your big day can do many things for whatever you are trying to convey for the big event.  It can either help to display a specific theme that you are trying to keep with at your wedding, it can shock your guests with the beauty of the location, or it can provide an escape away from the public so that all of your guests can relax and share your wedding day with you.  Whatever the reason may be for choosing to utilize a unique wedding venue, it is advisable that evaluate all of the possible avenues that you can take, as well and the pros and cons of choosing to rent certain areas for a wedding event, as some may be more properly suited.  While you can ultimately have a wedding and reception at any location that you may want, there are definitely some buildings that are gaining popularity by the mainstream public as a place to hold a wedding ceremony and reception.


Castles are becoming one of the most popular venues for holding weddings and receptions.  While it may be difficult to find a castle that will allow you to rent their space for an entire afternoon or evening, there are certainly several that are known for doing so.  One of the most popular being Narrow Water Castle, in Northern Ireland, which is becoming known for being a wedding venue numerous wedding parties.  While having a wedding in a castle can be an expensive venue to utilize, it is certainly not out of the question.  Not only is this a fun way to portray specific theme, but it also requires little by way of decorations to please your guests, as the structure will impress the theme upon the wedding guests by itself.  Castle weddings are becoming popular to the point that many cake decorating companies are filling multiple orders for cakes to be decorated to this standard and theme.  Sarah Janes Cakes in Fermanagh, Ireland, is among one of the cake decorating companies that is known for putting unique spins on the more traditional of wedding desserts.  While these styles of cakes may not be the most cost effective route to take, they certainly will help to create a magical experience at a unique wedding venue.


Another location that is becoming increasingly popular as a place to hold a wedding and wedding reception is on a farm, but more specifically within barns.  Barn weddings were once considered a more laid-back approach to holding a wedding reception, but have become more popular in recent ages with more couples seeking these locations for their big day.  Not only are barns a fun place to hold a wedding as they allow an assortment of different catering services that many other venues may deem unsuitable, but they allow guests to become more comfortable in wherever the wedding is being held.  It is often less expensive to rent a barn for a wedding and reception, but many rental companies have chosen to create lavish barn-style wedding venues in order to please couples that may have a more extravagant taste in styles.


A third unique location that is commonly be used to hold wedding receptions, which many people would probably never consider, in within the bride or grooms favorite pub or restaurant.  Most of these businesses, especially privately owned companies, will allow a couple to rent their building for a day to provide a banquet hall for their wedding guests.  The bride and groom may even get lucky and find a restaurant that will offer to not only house their wedding reception, but to cater it with their company’s favorite dishes and side dishes.  This would, of course, come at an additional fee, but it may be worth it if it is a favorite location of the bride or the groom.  Additionally, if you are choosing to hold your reception in a pub or local bar, they will almost indefinitely offer to cater the alcohol to your wedding reception as a means of increasing business and sales.  Not only are they already licensed to do so, but they will have trained staff that would probably be more than willing to assist on your big day.


Having your wedding or wedding reception at a unique venue may sound like an unusual practice for those bride and groom pairs who value the more traditional of venues, but it can be a fun way to incorporate some of your favorite locations into your big day.  Not only can you use these locations to impress your guests, but you can also use them in order to provide a more relaxed and welcoming environment, so that everyone feels comfortable when attending your reception.  After all, comfort is a huge aspect to any wedding and reception, not only for the guests, but for the bride and groom, as well!


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